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From humble beginnings on the Great Barrier Reef 40 years ago, we have taken our unique style of Australian expedition cruising to the far-flung lands of the Kimberley, Tasmania and the Small Islands of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Wherever we go, we have one purpose – taking small groups of like-minded explorers to the most remote parts of the world with expert guidance and warm Australian hospitality.

Expedition Dispatch

Tamar River 030323 Jesse4 1080x1350

Tamar River

3 March 2023

“We set off towards Beauty Point, where we explored Platypus House and Seahorse World. Guests gained insight into the challenges seahorses face in Tasmania, while Platypus House allowed for an up-close encounter with platypuses and echidnas. That afternoon we visited Josef Chromy for a delightful evening of wine tasting and dinner. The charming scenery of the vineyard made it a truly enjoyable evening.”

– Expedition Leader Alistair Kent
Coral Discoverer,  Circumnavigation of Tasmania

Mahajanga 1080x1350


23 February 2023

“After arriving in Mahajanga’s bustling port, we made our way to one of the local schools. The children welcomed us with happy and welcoming smiles and gathered to perform a few dances. Afterwards, we ventured to Lac Sacre, a small lake with crystal-clear, emerald-coloured water surrounded by stunning vegetation. We then walked to a large mango tree, where Sifaka Lemurs with their adorable white and dark brown faces looked down at us from above.”

– Expedition Leader Dawn singleton
Coral Geographer, Indian Ocean Series

Day 8 Nosy Be 4 1080x1350

Nosy Be

10 February 2023

“We arrived at Lemuria Land, a sanctuary full of Madagascan wildlife. As we walked through the park bursting with tall bamboo trees, we were suddenly surrounded by a group of lemurs scurrying down to the calls of our guide and the promise of a banana. Moving further into the sanctuary we were able to view endemic reptiles. Various species of turtles, tortoises, and chameleons camouflaged amongst the tree branches.”

– Expedition Leader Dawn Singleton
Coral Geographer, Seychelles to Madagascar

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The Kimberley season is just around the corner and we cannot wait to share this incredible experience with you. In less than two weeks, we will be embarking on a journey through one of Australia's most spectacular regions, filled with stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and fascinating history.

🚢 Discover the Kimberley in 2023:

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Ian Morris will be joining us once more for our Kimberley Webinar! Join us tomorrow at 3:30pm (AEST QLD) to delve into all things Kimberley. Whether you're curious about expedition cruising or eager to learn more about the waterfalls, islands, rock art sites, and beaches we explore, this is the perfect opportunity to tune in.

🦎Register to Join online:

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In partnership with @australiangeographic, learn about marine conservation and research facilities in the company of guest lecturers, scientists and like-minded fellow travelers. Contribute to species surveys, wildlife rehabilitation and coral science while enjoying snorkelling and diving in the pristine outer reefs and atolls of the Coral Sea.
Citizen Science on the Great Barrier Reef 🐠
Departs 23 October 2023

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📍Silica Beach 

Step ashore onto the pure white silica sand at aptly named Silica Beach. This land’s traditional owners are the Mayala people, and the Indigenous name of Silica Beach is Ngalangalangarr.

Take in the pristine and pure waters that lap the sparkling white sand beach. Take a barefooted stroll along the flawless sand, surrounded by towering rock formations.

Rock Figs ficus platypoda and rock-dwelling Eucalypts like eucalyptus brachyandra thrive in this wild landscape, as well as birdlife including Striated Pardalotes and Double-barred Finches.

Visit our website to discover the Kimberley 

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Join Coral Expeditions tomorrow at 2:30pm (AEST QLD) for The Kimberley Cruise Webinar with Guest Lecturer Ian Morris joining us to talk all things the Kimberley. 
If you are curious about the world of expedition cruising or interested to know about some of the unique waterfalls, islands, rock art sites & beaches we visit, then tune in!

🦎Register to Join online:

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Did you know in March 2021 the Muga Dhambi was identified and measured at Goolboodi (Orpheus Island) in the Great Barrier Reef? It measures 5.3 metres tall and 10.4 metres wide, earning itself the widest single coral ever to exist on the Australian reef. Not only is it incredibly large but it is also estimated to be over 400 years old!

Our Citizen Science 2023 voyage will take you to Orpheus Island where you can swim alongside and see for yourself the true gigantic of this Porites coral

Discover the Voyage:

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"We set off towards Beauty Point, where we explored Platypus House and Seahorse World. Divided into three groups, we each had the opportunity to embark on the tours and also had some time to visit the gift shop or café. At Seahorse World, guests gained insight into the challenges seahorses face in Tasmania, while Platypus House allowed for an up-close encounter with platypuses and echidnas. That afternoon we visited Josef Chromy for a delightful evening of wine tasting and dinner. The charming scenery of the vineyard made it a truly enjoyable evening."

- Expedition Leader Alistair Kent, 3 March 2023

🚢 Visit our website to discover Tasmania

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Coral Adventurer has embarked on an epicurean voyage from Hobart to Perth with celebrity chef Paul West (host of River Cottage Australia) and expert pastry chef Nigel Braithwaite (of London's The Savoy Hotel, Le Meridien Waldorf Hotel and Café Royal), as well as our chef Jamie Carter. Throughout this voyage, they will indulge in gourmet dining inspired by Tasmanian and Western Australian produce, together with premium wine pairings and mouth-watering desserts. 

📷 Pictured: Jamie Carter (left), Nigel Braithwaite (middle) and Paul West (right)

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📍 The Horizontal Falls are one of the Kimberley’s biggest attractions and are a result of the mammoth 11m tides for which the Kimberley is renowned. Naturalist David Attenborough described the Horizontal Falls as ‘one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.’

This natural phenomenon has been created as the ocean thunders through a narrow gorge in the McLarty Ranges. Water builds up on one side and is forcibly pushed through the bottleneck, creating a rushing horizontal waterfall of swiftly flowing seawater. Riding the rapids on our Zodiac inflatable tenders is one of the highlights of our Kimberley expedition cruises.


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Sail into beautiful Prince Frederick Harbour, known for its abundant and diverse wildlife on your way to Lumbarni Island.

This is the land of the Wandjina people where you will be given the opportunity to learn about and explore traditional ‘story places’ and view ancient art belonging to the Wandjina painted on the walls, ceilings and floors of natural rock formations and caves. These bold paintings are a remarkable insight into the rich culture of the land and the stories of early life and contact between cultures.

Feel a deep spiritual connection with the past as you explore this ancient site of great natural splendour.
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Our Fleet of Expedition Ships & Tenders

Our fleet of three expedition ships are Australian-flagged and crewed. With only 120 guests, there are no queues, long waits, or assigned meal slots. Instead, enjoy a relaxed, convivial atmosphere shared with like-minded explorers. The shallow draft and high manoeuvrability of our ships gets us closer to explore the sheltered bays, hidden inlets and fishing villages inaccessible to larger ships. All our ships feature our trademark Xplorer tenders, our open-sided safari boats that make excursions pleasant and safe.

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