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Small Islands Of Japan & The Philippines

Join us on our inaugural expeditions to the small islands of Japan and the Philippines. Cast off from Guam and trace history as we explore sites that lie in the wake of war, from Tinian and Torishima to Iwo Jima. Sail to the small islands of the Japanese Ryukyu, Ogasawara and Izu archipelagos, most of which remain untouched by Western travellers. Discover remote island life at traditional fishing villages and experience authentic encounters with local people, culture and nature.

This is the Japan that most visitors have not seen.

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Our Japan Cruises:

Journey to Japan | Guam - Tokyo | 14 Nights

Japanese Drumming TH

Onboard Coral Adventurer, depart from Guam and venture to the Mariana Islands to uncover pivotal World War II history at Tinian & Iwo Jima and explore the pristine marine environments of Rota, Pagan and Maug island. As we continue to the Japanese Ogasawara and Izu archipelagos, be among the first visitors from abroad to explore remote Japanese islands including Chichijima, Hahajima and Mukujima.

> Departs 8 September 2023

Through the Heart of Japan | Tokyo - Fukuoka | 14 Nights

Itsukushima Shrine at Miyajima

Experience the dynamic landscape of Japan, from the vibrant cities of the mainland to quiet coastal island villages. Departing Tokyo, begin your journey by experiencing traditional Japanese culture at the township of remote Shimizu and continue to Kobe port for an exploration of Osaka or Kyoto. Visit Jeju Island in South Korea to view the extraordinary UNESCO listed Manjanggul lava tubes before discovering the little-known Goto Islands and concluding your journey in Fukuoka.

> Departs 23 September 2023

Through Japan's Ryukyu Islands | Fukuoka - Keelung | 16 Nights

cedar forests TH

Join the first expedition ship to discover Japan’s Ryukyu Islands on a journey rich with insights into the nature, culture and communities of these unexplored outposts. Begin your journey in Fukoka and venture deep into the remote Okinawan Islands to encounter lifestyles of those who make their living by the sea. Bear witness to traditional island lifestyles as you make your way through a region seldom visited by Western travellers.

> Departs 7 October 2023

Island Trails of the Philippines | Keelung to Manila | 16 Nights

Cuatro Islas

Depart from Keelung to discover the small islands of the Philippines shaped by Spanish colonial heritage and World War II history. Share in traditional practices, witness ancient customs and be immersed in the natural environment of these secluded islands. Beachcomb on the Philippines’ famously idyllic beaches snorkel and dive on the vibrant Catanduanes and Cuatro Islas.

> Departs 24 October 2023

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