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Small Islands Of The World Series

We are proud to introduce you to an extraordinary series of voyages to small islands of the Pacific, Micronesia, New Guinea, Japan and the Philippines. Characteristic of our Australian expedition-style and hunger for new shores and new islands, we will explore with expert guides and a longing to uncover the hidden corners and stories of each destination. Within this series of voyages, you will find islands both familiar and unknown. Some draw people from all over the world, and some are too remote to see visitors. Explore with us as we journey to the farthest reaches of the Pacific, and into new waters aboard sister ships Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer. From the outpost of Pitcairn Island, the last stronghold of the Bounty mutineers, and across the sweep of the globe to the small islands of Okinawa in Japan, where there are untold adventures waiting to be had, many photographs waiting to be taken, and innumerable stories waiting to be shared. Find wonder in the farthest reaches with Coral Expeditions.

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Small Islands Of The Pacific Ocean

Join us aboard Coral Geographer as we embark on an adventure for the ages to discover the small islands of the Pacific Ocean. Traversing the vast tracts of the great South Seas, our series of 6 new expedition voyages will tap the deep desire within most of us to escape to a far-flung island, to sink our toes in the sand and enjoy the warmth of a trade wind breeze on our cheeks. To indulge the spirit of adventure that resides in all of us.

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Small Islands of Micronesia & New Guinea

Giant latte columns as tall as trees still stand on Tinian. Ancient stone paths crisscross the islands of Yap and Palau. The ghost cities of Nan Madol and Lelu remain mute and deserted, remnant of days and times long past that hold stories and legends of ancient island cultures that once flourished. Join our expedition trails aboard Coral Geographer as we explore island and atolls where life remains little-changed by the modernity of the outside world. Discover the diversity of tribal cultures with an intriguing vault of ancestral traditions and a rich confluence of culture and language. Experience a place of striking natural beauty; where the limestone karsts of Raja Ampat are fringed by vibrant coral gardens, where violently formed volcanic spires rise from the ocean in the Bismarck Archipelago and voyage into the rarely seen Louisiade Archipelago where palm-swathed islands, lassoed by stunning silica beaches, are strung across the Solomon Sea.

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Small Islands Of Japan

Join us aboard Coral Adventurer and be immersed into the rich natural and cultural world of less-visited Japan. Enter Japan’s island realms from the south through Guam and the historic outposts of Saipan and Iwo Jima before we sail northwards through the Ogasawara Islands, known as ‘The Galápagos of the Orient’ and recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, to sight remote volcanic islands and discover seabird nesting habitats accompanied at sea by migrating whales, playful dolphins and green sea turtles. Journey through the heart of Japan, from the remote Iya Valley, characterised by its steep mountain slopes and deep rocky gorges crossed by man-made vine bridges, to the ancient and enchanted cedar woodlands in one of the oldest forests in the world at Yakushima, and onwards to the Okinawa Islands where inhabitants are believed to hold the secrets to long life.  Along the way, experience the rich history of Japan’s cultural past in traditional Kimono workshops, Taiko drumming performances, Soba noodle making, a thoughtful tea ceremony, and the energetic Awa ‘fool’s dance’.

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Small Islands Of The Philippines

Join an exciting expedition aboard Coral Adventurer, and journey from the towering marble valleys of Taroko Gorge in Taiwan and into the limestone karst islands of the Philippines, where hidden beaches are overlooked by craggy green-mantled ridges. Discover a Spanish colonial history that has left mysterious forts and ruins across the islands and explore the remote outer islands where snorkelling reveals an abundance of marine life. Finally, our voyages traverse the exciting coast of Borneo, where remarkable wildlife experiences of orangutans, sun-bears, gibbons and numerous native birds await.

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Small Islands of The Indian Ocean

For the first time, Coral Expeditions will venture into the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean, as we welcome the Coral Geographer with a maiden voyage series designed to explore island wonders. Rich history, abundant and rare wildlife experiences, exotic flavours and great cultural diversity await.  With only 60 staterooms available on each voyage, this is a rare opportunity to experience remote islands and atolls – both those less travelled and those known for their beauty – in complete comfort and with the company of expert guides and naturalists.

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