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Special Expeditions – Circumnavigation Series

To Celebrate 35 Years Of Pioneering History

In 2020, Coral Expeditions will be celebrating 35 years of pioneering expeditions. From humble beginnings on the Great Barrier Reef, to planning an expeditionary crossing of the Indian Ocean, we have come so far!  To commemorate this milestone in our history, we have a series of Circumnavigation voyages. These special expeditions explore history, culture, wildlife and adventure in true Coral Expeditions style, like we have done so for the past 35 years.


35th Anniversary Circumnavigation of Australia

We take a voyage to circumnavigate this great land, to see the coast the way that mariners throughout history have seen it, and to explore key historical sites that shaped Australia.

The great unknown land, Terra Australis Incognita, was for centuries imagined but uncharted, before explorers sailed to the edge of the world to find it. They discovered a land which was not unknown to the many indigenous tribes who lived throughout the vast island continent, and from that moment created a new history with both magnificent and terrible deeds.

2020 is the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s landing, the 200th anniversary of Philip Parker King’s explorations, and the 35th anniversary of Coral Expeditions.

> Departs November 2020


Circumnavigation of Tasmania (Hobart to Hobart), 16 Nights

Be one of a special few to join us on our first full circumnavigation voyage around Tasmania, showcasing the best of the remote parks, islands and harbours of this pristine island at the edge of the world.
Highlights include a special Winemaker’s Dinner in the Tamar region, hiking through the Strzelecki National Park on Flinders Island, a gourmet lunch and dairy tour on King Island, and two days exploring the rarely-visited world heritage wilderness of Port Davey.

> Departs 1 January 2020 – SOLD OUT

> Departing 1 January 2021 – VIEW NOW

New Guinea Circumnavigation (Darwin to Darwin), 35 Nights

Be one of a special few to join us on our full circumnavigation voyage around New Guinea. This one-off voyage is packed with highlights. Sailing in comfort aboard the brand-new Coral Adventurer, you will experience many diverse cultures from the Spice Islands to the Sepik River, marvel at untouched landscapes, explore the wonders of Raja Ampat, and be immersed in one of the world’s last frontiers.

> Departs 02 October 2020