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Let’s Cook Together | ANZAC Tarts & ANZAC Biscuits

The origin of ANZAC biscuits is surrounded by mystery. Some believe they were named ANZAC biscuits because wives, sisters and mothers of servicemen baked the long-lasting but tasty biscuits to send to soldiers fighting overseas – concerned that the soldiers were not getting enough nutrition. There is evidence that oaty biscuits were sent overseas, and early recipes of ANZAC biscuits were called ‘soldier’s biscuits’, however the diggers on the front line were actually rationed hard-tack biscuits – creations of such durability and toughness that soldiers used them for Christmas cards and photo frames as well as food!

More likely, ANZAC biscuits were named because they were baked by the thousands for fundraising efforts on the home-front.  The oaty, syrupy biscuits, simply made from available ingredients, became a symbol of the resilience of our Australian and New Zealand soldiers and the love and support for them at home.  ANZAC biscuits are traditionally baked at this time each year – one of the ways we remember the spirit and sacrifice of the soldiers who inspired their name. Lest we forget.



Makes 12








Makes 12


TART SHELL – Ingredients





Filling – Ingredients


Filling – Method

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