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Why Remote Work & Travel Might be the New Normal

We’re certainly living in challenging times as the world adjusts to the impact of COVID-19. The health concerns and the economic impact of the actions taken by our Government are likely to have a long-lasting effect on many aspects of our lives. The world will have changed when we all get through this, and we are optimistic many of the changes will be for the better.

We are seeing a digital transformation. The online world is busier than ever with many employees now working remotely from home when possible. This means many of us are saving hours each week commuting during peak hour, which is also saving on fuel or public transport costs while helping our environment. It’s shown many companies it can be done and is a viable option for the future, even when employees can return to the office.

Here what we’ve seen along with a few predictions for what the world might look like once we are through this pandemic:

Appreciation for the Environment

As we are all very aware, travel has been greatly restricted however there’s good news. The natural environment has enjoyed a much-needed break. It’s going to be more beautiful than ever once travel is open again. People are itching to get outside and explore. We’ve taken the time to step-back and realise what an amazing planet we live on and have developed a hunger to see and appreciate more of its beauty. We’re not as rushed as we once were and have learned to take the time and appreciate the beauty around us.

Craving Human Interactions

There are great benefits working remotely yet there is a huge downside. We need genuine, authentic human connections. The digital world can’t quite replicate all the benefits of a normal human relationship. We’re craving to get out into the world and experience it with our friends and family. It’s the memory of shared experiences that stay with us for the rest of our lives. We wont take these opportunities for granted once we get through COVID-19. We now appreciate the time we can spend with loved ones, together experiencing the world around us.

We’re More Capable Than We Thought

With many companies accepting remote work as the new normal, there’s no stopping people traveling for extended periods while still getting their work done. Employees who complete there work via a laptop could potentially be anywhere with an Internet connection and still collaborate with co-workers, just as if they were in the office next door. We’ve also proven it is possible to multi-task at home while homeschooling and working from home. We’re more capable than we first thought so traveling and working at the same time, no longer seems impossible.

Supporting Our Nation

During this time we’ve grown to understand the importance of supporting our national economy. Where we once purchased goods from afar to save a few dollars we’ll see more Aussies choose to support Australian companies. We saw this after the recent bushfires with many vowing to holiday in effected regions. We believe we’ll see many people also choose to support our Australian Tourism industry.

We’re optimistic that we’ll all get through this together and come out the other side supporting each other as fellow Australians with great pride in our nation.

6 May 2020 guest written by Julie Anderson

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