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On the Great Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea, Raja Ampat & Spice Islands, South Pacific, and Islands of Indonesia itineraries, you will enjoy many opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive over some of the most colourful and pristine coral reefs in the Asia Pacific.

Our snorkelling and scuba diving departments are fully stocked with a wide range of snorkels, fins and masks (to fit all sizes) along with all the necessary equipment to allow you to try the unforgettable experience that is scuba diving.  Snorkelling equipment will be assigned to all guests at the commencement of each cruise.

A qualified Dive Instructor will be on board for all our scuba itineraries. An introductory scuba skills session is complimentary, while Resort (Introductory) and Certified Dives will be charged to your on-board account.

Coral Expeditions II Scuba Rates 19/20
Coral Expeditions II Scuba Rates 20/21
Coral Discoverer Scuba Rates 19/20
Coral Adventurer Scuba Rates 19/20

All Ships Scuba Rates April 2020 until March 2021

Coral Expeditions Dive Medical

For persons who wish to participate in either Certified diving or Resort diving (Introductory diving) you must be in good health.  A medical history of heart or lung disorders, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or narcolepsy shall prevent you from diving unless a medical certificate that addresses the condition is produced. To avoid disappointment on your cruise, Coral Expeditions highly recommends you complete a dive medical prior to your journey and encourages certified divers who may not have dived in recent years to complete refresher courses.

Dive Medicals Must

> Be in English
> From a registered practitioner
> Clearly state you are medically fit to dive
> Conducted in the last 12 months

Ask your practitioner if they are qualified to make dive medical assessments. To assist your registered practitioner to establish your diving health, please download the Recreation Scuba Training Council Medical Record which contains dive medical guidelines.

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Note: The Coral Expeditions dive Instructor will make the ultimate determination of a person’s condition and suitability to dive. If you are feeling unwell, show symptoms of a medical condition that is unsafe for diving, have a chest cold or display a respiratory condition on board prior to diving you may not be permitted to dive.